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Some method of Custom hats
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       Professional hat manufacturers Suntrends tell you that the method of custom hats can be roughly divided into molding method, cutting method, shaping method, and knitting method.
       The raw material of the molding method is felt, and the felt is shaped on the mold, and the crimping is performed after the shaping. Some hats are molded and then cut and sewn, and decorated with flowers, ribbons, etc., the effect is better. Some berets and curled top hats are made by molding.
       The shaping method refers to the shaping of plastic, rubber and other materials in a special mold, and the lining and the support are added after the shaping. The helmet is mostly made by this method.
       The braiding method is especially common in the production of hats. The braided materials are processed fiber materials such as rope, wicker, bamboo stalk, wheat straw, hemp, grass and the like. There are many methods of knitting, such as overall knitting, partial knitting and then stitching; dense knitting, hollow knitting, double-layer and multi-layer knitting, etc. are unique, beautiful and applicable. On the basis of knitting, laces and flowers can also be added. Sequins, feathers, etc. This method is very popular and enduring, and it is very popular among people.
       The cutting method is the most commonly used in the cap making method. According to the design requirements, the fabric is cut into a certain shape, and the lining and accessories are sewn. The method of cutting, first of all, to understand the size of the basic shape of the hat, and then create a deformation on the basic type.
       If you want to custom hats and want to know about the price of custom hats, you can checak out our another article “how much dose it cost to make a custom hat?

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