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Embroidery baseball Cap Embroidery baseball Cap

Material:Can purchase fabrics according to customer requirements

LOGO:Velcro metal buckle full sealing style etc.

Size:1-3 years old head circumference about 50cm 3-5 years old

Back Closure:Embroidery silk screen thermal transfer

MOQ:Proofing time 4-5 days large production cycle

Delivery:1-3 years old head circumference about 50cm 3-5 years old

Payment terms:Embroidery silk screen thermal transfer

Remark:Proofing time 4-5 days large production cycle

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The company's products are all custom-made products, no spot, not only sell! The pictures and prices of all products are only for reference.
The final transaction price is determined according to your customized content, quantity, fabric grade and other parameters. (The parameters are different, the price is quite different.)
Different switches and specifications can be made according to customer requirements, so please Friends should not take a random shot,
if you need to take a sample, please call customer service staff.

Hat proofing instructions:

Dongguan hat-making enterprise, new interpretation clothing Co., Ltd. service guarantee;
1. Our factory provides cap design and logo element design free of charge, free design drawings or renderings.
2. Provide you with all the detailed product descriptions (cloths, logo crafts, customs declaration services, etc.) customized by the hat, and provide a reasonable quotation for the industry.
3. The single model includes logo (embroidered and printed within 2 colors). The proofing fee is 300RMB/50USD. Our factory provides 2-3 samples for you.
4. All the planned expenses, 1000 pieces of single color single code are returned, (except for special process, third-party mold opening fee is required, such as rubber seal opening, back button opening, etc.)
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