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Embroidery Process Steps During Custom Hats
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       The embroidering process is a commonly used craft technique in the custom hats. The fineness of the embroidering process can not only decorate the hat, but also improve the grade of the whole hat and increase the value. Now professional hat manufacturer Suntrends will share with you the embroider process steps during custom hats.
1. embroidered eye
       Do not embroider the thread color. The holes should be aligned. If there are broken edges or stains, they should not be discarded. You need to fill the cutting workshop in time.
2. topping
       The seams are aligned, the seams are even, the needles are parallel and the heads are inverted, and the tops of the caps are aligned in three lines. Needle distance requirement: 3 cm 10 needles.
3. pull the double needle
       The front half of the front piece, the back piece, the back part and the whole top must be opened and kept evenly left and right. There must be no rupture of the broken side; the front half of the front and the whole part of the top are generally custom-made. Customized according to customer requirements); the color of the cover strip must be consistent. Needle distance requirement: 3 cm 9 needles.
       The scientific and meticulous embroidery process can effectively improve the production efficiency while ensuring the quality of the embroidery process. To customize the hat to be of high quality and high efficiency, choose the professional hat manufacturer - Suntrends Headwear!
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