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During custom hats why do hat manufacturer have to set a minimum order quantity?
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       Does the manufacturer's custom hat have a minimum order quantity? Rongtai Cap tells you that the answer is yes, and we have met many customers who have been persuaded to hear the order quantity. Why are there so many customers who have not placed orders because of the order quantity problem, and our manufacturers still insist on this order quantity? What is the minimum order quantity for custom-made hats?
       Why set the order quantity? This is a very real problem, that is, profit. Because it is a direct production manufacturer, each hat must be calculated to calculate the labor cost, material cost, etc. The materials of different styles and different colors of hats are different. If the order quantity is too small, then the materials are The above losses will be larger. Therefore, setting the order quantity is to balance the cost and cost, so that we can earn a meager profit.
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       As for the order quantity, different manufacturers should have different settings. The order quantity of our Rongtai hat is 500. Of course, like 100, 200 such orders, we also have to do, but the customized unit price. It may be necessary to improve accordingly. As mentioned above, in order to balance the cost and cost, if the quantity is small, it is necessary to increase the custom unit price accordingly, so that our manufacturers will not lose money. As for some individuals who want to customize one or two hats, we generally don't do such a list. Our customers recommend that it is more cost-effective to find a merchant to Taobao and other platforms.
       Now everyone has a general understanding of the amount of custom hats. In fact, if you customize a large amount, it is definitely to find manufacturers affordable, if the amount is less like a few, dozens of such find Manufacturer customization is actually not cheaper than the outside business.
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