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Hat factory: How to Choose the Right Hat For Your Face Shape
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How to Choose the Right Hat For Your Face Shape
Not sure what hat to buy? Struggling to find one that compliments your face shape? Well, here at The Idle Man we’ve got the answers and therefore put together a quick guide on how to choose the right hat for your face shape.
Anatomy Of A Hat
When looking at buying a new hat it’s important to know a few bits of terminology to help you along the way. Don’t fret, its a lot simpler than it sounds, and you are basically just describing what the shape of your face looks like. If you’re not sure what shape your face is there are a couple of ways to find out. Firstly, and a very obvious answer, is to look in the mirror and assess the basic shape of your face. Is it oval, round, long, square? For some people this is enough to know the shape as you may have very distinct features.
For others you may have to borrow a girlfriends, mums or sisters lipstick and get drawing. So, stand in front of a mirror and with the lipstick, draw round the outline of your face. The lipstick will then give you the shape of your face and from that you can judge what shape it mostly looks like. So now (once you’ve wiped down the mirror) you’re ready to find the hat to suit your face.
Face Shape
Now we have the face shape sorted which in this case is going to be the most important factor when you’re picking out the right hat. Its time to get choosing the style of hat that’ll suit you best. By understanding that we all have different face shapes it makes a lot more sense as to why not everyone suits every hat style there is. We’ve therefore rounded up the most common face shapes, and the ones that the majority of us can kind of fit into, so you can see what style you should be going for:

Top-Heavy Face
This is a face shape where you’ll have a wider head at the top, but as you get lower it will narrow to your jaw. This means you’ll want a hat that balances you out overall rather than something top heavy that adds to the shape of your face.
When you’ve got a top-heavy head you’ll want to avoid anything that’s too high in the crown as this simply highlights your wider head at the top. So, we’re sorry, you can’t imitate Pharrell Williams’ very high Vivienne Westwood hat, it simply won’t look good on you. Instead opt for a fedora or, for the summer, a classic straw boater as these two pieces of headwear are classics and will easily slot into your everyday wardrobe.
Long, Thin, Oblong Face
An oblong shaped face is one that’s longer than it is wide, the kind of shape kids draw when they do self portraits. Because you naturally have a longer face, you don’t want anything that will appear to lengthen it, so its a good idea to go for something that will give the illusion of a shorter face.
As you have a fairly thin looking face it can be easy to pick out a hat that will highlight all your good features. You need to pick a hat that’ll shorten and slightly widen the look of your face. Hats with a wide brim or ones that sit low on your forehead, like a flat cap, are a good option, so pick these over ones that are narrow as they will overemphasise the longer shape. If you want something more casual, a snap back style will also work well due to the wider shape.

Square Face
This is a face shape that, again, is a very common shape to come across. If you have a square shaped face it means you have a fairly wide forehead that goes into a strong jawline giving you the square illusion. Because your face shape is a lot more rigid you’ll want to opt for something that adds a little bit of curvature to your face.
To make your face appear less boxy then you’ll want to go for a hat that has a rounder crown, rather than something that’s boxy and structured. Opt for a bowler hat (sounds ridiculous but it can work) or a flat cap as these will help round out some shape for your face. A baseball cap will also be a great shaped hat for you as the rounder crown fits to your head.
Oval, Round Face
A rounded face shape is a great face shape for hats as you can pretty much pull off any style hat going, which opens up the world of hats to you. However, because your face is slightly rounded off, you’ll want to avoid anything that gives it the appearance of being rounder. This is the same for the width as well, avoid anything that makes it wider as this will highlight the roundness of your face.
As you have a round shaped face you’ll want to avoid anything that will add too much height, width or roundness to your face. When it comes to hats you do have the widest selection available to you, but if you do want to search for a specific style try a more angular hat. You’ll want to avoid hat styles such snapbacks or wide fitting hats as these will fit the entire shape of your face, highlighting the oval shape a little too much. A baseball cap however can be a good alternative and if you need to look slightly more formal, a rimmed or flat cap hat will suit you well.

The Beanie
If you’ve tried to figure out your face shape and you don’t seem to fall under any of the above then you’re either just confusing yourself or have a unique face shape than is a mix of them all. Or if you’ve figured out your face shape but the hat style isn’t really for you and you just want something a little bit simpler, we may have a final answer. If either of these are the case then sling on a beanie or woollen hat as these tend to suit almost everyone, and, when the British weather’s as cold as it is, they’ll keep you a lot warmer and snug when the wind bites and the cold air hits you as soon as you step outside.
The beanie is easy to wear and even easier to style. It can be worn on route to work (as long as you can do your hair once you’re there), it can be worn for actual warmth and it can be worn as a fashion statement. Whatever the reason a beanie can be worn in many colours and can actually come in a variety of sizes. Ones that cap your head, ones that cover your entire hair and extra baggy ones, you have the choice.


The Right Hat For Your Face Shape
1. Firstly you need to figure out what shape your face is, everyone’s different and you may be a mix of a few shapes.
2. Top heavy face shapes are those that are wider at the top and slimmer around the jaw, go for a fedora style hat to balance out the shape.
3. For oblong face shapes you want to make your face appear shorter, a wide rimmed hat or one that sits low on your forehead will do the trick.
4. Flat caps are perfect for those with a square faces as it adds roundness and structure to your face.
5. Round faces can suit nearly every style of hat, try a baseball cap or flat cap for more formal situations.
6. Beanies can suit nearly everyone and are a safe option if you’re struggling to find the perfect hat. You can mix and match with styles and colours to keep up with trends.
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