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Comfortable And Soft Knitted Winter Hats
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       It is commonly used in cold weather for people of all ages to wear a hat. Hats are made of wool, knitted and knitted in winter hats.
       Knitted Winter hat wearing method: The first knitted winter hat to wear: properly put on the hat after the end of the relatively long stay. Let's take care of the end! Grab the middle of the hat and fold it inside. In general, a folding can be a natural one, but you want to be a little tighter to fold it again. Knit Winter Cap The final appearance after wearing is both natural and concise. The second: anti-fold cover ear knitted winter hat wearing method. Lovely knitting material knitted winter hat, eye-catching cover ear shape and hairy artificial wool inside provide winter warm and eye-catching wear effect, cover ear shape can be reversed, to button fixed, two different wear method has a change.
       With the attention and pursuit of apparel accessories, knitted winter hats as an important branch of knitted apparel accessories, in the wear of the requirements have been a single warm functional type gradually to aesthetic, health, comfort, safety and other functional changes. From the process of knitting winter hats, it can be divided into two kinds of regular knitted winter hats and stereotyped knitted winter hats. Knit Winter Cap The conventional knitting winter hat craft is simple, high efficiency, has the extensibility, Knit Winter Cap the elasticity is good, the comfortable soft and so on characteristic, but the neat sex is poor, the modelling line is difficult to be durable, and is easy hook silk. Shaped knitting winter hat process beautiful, durable, with good security, shape lines lasting and other characteristics, but comfort, softness has declined, and the full molding products are easy to cause gum unevenness, affecting the quality of finished product. The aim of the research is to explore a kind of production method of knitted winter hat products which have a certain degree of consistency and can maintain the comfort of knitted products by using modern new materials and technology.
       The quality of knitted winter hats is the focus of the people who buy knitted winter hats, in people's daily life, the most common is knitted winter hat, Knit Winter Cap autumn and winter knitted winter hats gradually listed, so if to distinguish the quality of the knitted winter hat good or bad?
       First of all, to see the knitted winter hat material quality, knitted winter hat material is mainly wool, wool type and thickness of more than 10 kinds, is a simple introduction of several commonly used yarns.
       Superfine: One of the finest woven yarns, lightweight and soft, Knit Winter Cap is the most suitable for knitting babies, baby sweaters or crocheted women's coats.
       Extremely fine coarse is equal to 2 of the finest hair line, lightsome, Color changeful, the most suitable crochet knitting.
       Medium and thin is the most commonly used wool varieties, whether infants, young children, women or men's clothing can be used in such coarse knitting yarn, woven patterns meticulous and elegant.
       Medium is the most commonly used to weave cold clothing, Knit Winter Cap the goods are not too thick and not too thin
       It is also the best knitting fabric for cold clothing.
       From the above several kinds of wool can be seen, good quality knitted winter hats are generally selected in the coarse wool, but also has a good quality is the "principal product", selected is the high coarse and lightsome yarn. Good knitted winter hat material, the weight of the foot and feel good, Knit Winter Cap some knitted winter cap although the weight of the foot but only to do knitting winter cap thick and hard, wearing on the head to give people stiff feeling. Second, to see if the weight of the knitted winter hat is enough. From the merchant's point of view, in the factory ordering knitted winter hats, a bunch of the weight of this knitted winter hat, Knit Winter Cap because each kind of knitted winter hats have its own weight, this is a price positioning is an important factor! Therefore, when buying knitted winter hats, it is best to ask a clear measure of the weight of this knitted winter hat, if the top of the knitted winter hat is beautiful and practical style, then the quality is very important, if the quality is not, then it will not be up to autumn winter warm knit winter hat role.

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