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The Various fabrics for snapback hat customization
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       As the development of process technology, there are more and more choices of fabrics for hat customization. What are the custom fabrics for snapback hats? Let's take a look with the hat manufacturer Wintime.
       Cotton-spun fabric: The yarn fabric of raw cotton that has been machined and spun. The cotton-spun fabric has the characteristics of softness and moisture absorption. It is very comfortable for close to the skin and is very suitable for fabrics for garments and hats.
       Knitted fabric: A kind of fabric which is woven with knitting needles. The knitted fabric has the characteristics of moisture absorption, breathability, warmth and comfort, and has certain elasticity. The snapback hat made of knitted fabric can have certain warmth effect and elasticity. Not easily deformed.
       Leather fabric: leather is made of physical and chemically processed animal skin such as hair removal and tanning. It has artificial and leather. The leather fabric has certain permeability, flexibility and warmth. It looks elegant and luxurious. Upper grade.
       There are many fabrics that can be used for snapback hats, such as nylon, cotton, hemp, yarn, etc., and even straw can be used for snapback hat customization. Customized snapback hats to choose a professional hat manufacturer -Wintime hat manufacturer!
snapback hat customization

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